Looking for Book input from our listeners.

We want input from you, our listeners.  What books do you want to read as a group? We try to keep it family-friendly and Young adult-focused.  Personally, language doesn’t bother us but we aren’t fans of romance books. Please add suggestions, especially newer books! https://poll.ly/#/2qBKdQmK

Top four Arts Podcasts in Columbus

Reading Radio is proud to have made the top four best arts podcasts in the Columbus Podcast Awards and want to congratulate the Cryptonaturalist show on their victory.  It was a lot of fun to go to the show and meet all of our fellow podcasters and we look forward to it again next year….

We’ve been Nominated

In her continuing effort to promote literacy and a love of reading Alora has been running Reading Radio for almost two years. Reading Radio has been nominated for the Columbus Podcast Awards, arts category. And while there vote for Jason’s show “Be Better Tomorrow” in the Entrepreneur category and don’t forget to vote for Podcast…

We Need Good Books

We need good books Hi this is Alora, thank you so much for listening to our podcast. Now we need your help we need finding some good books to do for future podcasts. We are looking for books with at least five or more chapters any genre will work but we would prefer fiction or sci-fi…

Greetings Fellow Fear the Boot listeners

We were recently mentioned on one of my Dad’s favorite podcasts.  So, “Hello” to our Fear The Boot Listeners. We are still building out the site and finding our voice and style, but please subscribe and let us know what you think.  We would love your input. Look at our Bookstore to see what books…