The Similars by Rebecca Hanover – Episode 41

Episode 41 – The Similars

The Similars CoverWhen six clones join Emmaline’s prestigious boarding school, she must confront the heartbreak of seeing her dead best friend’s face each day in class.

The Similars are all anyone can talk about at the elite Darkwood Academy. Who are these six clones? What are the odds that all of them would be Darkwood students? Who is the madman who broke the law to create them?

This book was a great rollercoaster ride.  Once you hit the top of the lift hill you are all set for a great thrill.

Recommended Age:

13+ due to some darker context

10+ based on vocabulary

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If you haven’t already you can buy THe Similars on Amazon

Next month we are reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for our 42nd episode!
Get it and read it now!

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