Bonus Episode 3 – Outsiders Book vs Movie The Outsiders Movie Poster 11x17 inches Style B ...Bonus Episode 3 – Outsiders Movie Vs Book

In this podcast, we talk about the Outsiders and the differences between it and the book and the movie.

Along with some fun facts and who we think would make a good cast is there was a remake.

You check out the movie on Amazon.

This movie is certainly a product of its time being made in 1983. Although it stars some of Hollywood’s future A-listers, as youth they are just learning their craft.  And like many movies based on our favorite books, it loses more than a little in the translation.

The next book is The Asgardian Exchange 

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  1. Windtrail says:

    Should this audio be different from the last episode?

    1. readingradio_y5c2iq says:

      Yes, thanks for noticing not sure what happened but it is fixed now.

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