The Asgardian Exchange – Episode 27

The Asgardian Exchange by Mark Bryan – Episode 27

Asgardian ExchangeThis book is about A girl who finds out that she is a “Favored” which means that she will gain the powers of one of the Norse gods. For centuries there have only been 50 but for the first time, there are 51 find out what chaos ensues in this amazing book by Mark Bryan


Ragnarok. A thousand years ago, the Nine Realms burned and the gods were driven to the brink of annihilation. To save themselves, a deal was struck with the Fates of Asgard: every hundred years, their powerful magick and unique gifts would be removed and gifted to others so that the worlds could live on. They are they Favoured. Their journey begins. Join us. – From the Author’s site 

Recommended Age: 7-12

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Our next book is The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes the Hunger Games Prequel. So go grab it and read along with us, this book is amazing.

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