Cadre Kids – Episode 34

Episode 34 – Cadre Kids

The Cadre Kids is an adventure book where homeschooled ghost-hunting teenage twins Jake and Rosa are forced into the daunting world of public school. Where they must face the challenges that come along with it. Join in their adventures as they are thrust into a new world with new challenges.

An ambitious politician with an underlying nefarious agenda pushes for school choice but, it comes at a cost. Their mom instead of embracing the change fights the system thrusting the twin teenagers along with their older brother, Ted, into the public eye and national headlines. The good news is the teenagers test two grades above their age level. The bad news is being smart, they question everything drawing the ire of the Congressman’s Aide.

This is one of the first books where the author reached out to us. If you are an author of a young adult book let us know and if it is something up our alley we’d be glad to review it for Reading Radio.

Recommended Age: 11-12

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